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Writing – Academics – English Exams

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Innovated Self-Study

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Proven Content + Experienced Teaching
+ Interactive Practice

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IELTS Interactive:
Time Training

Train for the timing
of the IELTS Test

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Academic Writing Programs
with Teacher Support

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Read, summarize & paraphrase with academic quality

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Paragraph to

Learn the qualities of a good paragraph and how to build into essays

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Discover Your
Writing Process

Better understand the fundamental steps of any essay process

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IELTS Writing:
Academic & General

A series of timed IELTS Writing questions for personalized learning

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CELPIP Writing:
Email or Survey

A series of timed CELPIP Survey or Email questions for personalized learning

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IELTS Online Speaking Test

Get Examiner-level feedback on how to focus and improve your English skills

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CELPIP Online Speaking Test

A specially trained Assessor leads a mock test and provides needed advice for success

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Our Writing Feedback System

1) Immediately after your writing is submitted, you will receive a notification email so you have a record of your writing.

2) Within 24-48 hours you will get an email with two links. The Assessor will email you directly if the return will take longer. 

3) You will receive:

  • a Google Doc  with appropriate edits and comments
  • a Youtube screen capture video that explains the feedback and teaching

Academic and IELTS Writing students can ask questions about the teaching – any time – by using the Support button in the dashboard of their Purchase Manager. They can also practice their speaking by using the Videomail system.

Watch these videos to see our feedback system:

Academic Writing Feedback


*Our goal is to return writing within 24-48 hours.

Responsive Writing Feedback


*Our goal is to return writing within 24-48 hours.

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Innovative Self-Study

Watch these videos to see our Self-Study Interactive Textbooks:

IELTS Interactive:
Time Training

Beginner to Intermediate:
Full Course

Expand & Organize Your Vocabulary

Cannabis English: Effects, Content & Use

Learn Academic Writing

Watch these videos to see our Academic improvement programs:

Academic Skills

Paragraph to Essay

Discover Your Writing Process

A Series of Focused Writing Feedback

Watch these videos to see our Responsive Writing Feedback System:



We Partner with Schools, Programs & Individuals

We have two ways to partner:

  1. We have an Anywhere Affiliate Program for anyone wanting to share links with their network and be rewarded when they learn. 
  2. We also have a Group Management System that allows any institution, program or individual to buy and manage a large number of our products and services, but remain in control of enrolment, class management and student communication.

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