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Interactive Textbooks with Teacher Support

Summarize, Paraphrase & Read
with Academic Quality

US$ 50.00

  • This is for any Intermediate to Advanced English learner who wants to be more accurate and effective in all their communications.
  • This learning and practice should take 2 to 4 weeks with the pace set by the student. Remember: You need time not to think about your writing.
  • First, you get teaching and focused practice to improve your reading, vocabulary, grammar and writing skills – applied through summarizing and paraphrasing. 
  • Then, you get a second teacher’s experience, feedback and evaluation as they mark your exercises and assessments. (Feedback received within 24-48 hours.)
  • You can use the Videomail system to ask your teacher any questions as you go through the teaching, learning, practice and assessment.
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Our Academic Writing Feedback System

1) Immediately after your writing is submitted, you will receive a notification email so you have a record of your writing.

2) Within 24-48 hours you will get an email with two links. If submitted on a weekend, it may take up to 72 hours. 

3) For the Academic Writing program you will receive:

  • a Google Doc  evaluating your responses, and 
  • a Youtube screen capture video that explains the feedback and teaching.

4) Academic Writing students can ask their teacher questions – any time – using the Videomail system.

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