Amanda Seth

I can Improve Your english Skills

“True teachers are those who use themselves as bridges over which they invite their students to cross; then, having facilitated their crossing, joyfully collapse, encouraging them to create their own.”      Nikos Kazantzakis

A good teacher is someone who guides, encourages, and inspires their students, and does so with great enthusiasm. This is what I strive for every time I teach. Teaching is not just a job for me, it is my passion and it represents what I deeply value in life—education. 

My belief is that teaching should never be a chore, and learning should never be a bore. My goal is to always make lessons informative, engaging, and fun. Let me know what you want, and I can customize the class to meet your needs. I am always willing to listen to what YOU need and build lessons keeping this in mind.

 Together, we can make your language goals a reality!

Know My Teaching Better


  • Learn a variety of essay structures by writing about interesting topics and reviewing grammar, organization and word choice
  • Increase your use of academic vocabulary by learning meanings, word forms, and collocations from the Academic Word List (AWL)
  • Develop academic reading comprehension with useful reading strategies


  • Build skills and strategies for the B2 First or C1 Advanced exams, especially for Use of English and Reading Papers
  • Improve your listening comprehension and inferencing skills with real Cambridge audio clips
  • Expand your grammar knowledge along with advanced vocabulary skills


  • Speaking – Understand all four parts of the B2 First (FCE) or C1 Advanced (CAE) with tips and strategies to help you pass 
  • Writing – Learn important points for all formats for the essay, report, email, proposal, review, article and letter of application. 
  • Both – Always get detailed feedback on format, grammar, and word use matched with Cambridge marking schemes


  • Build speaking fluency and accuracy by applying grammar as well as practical vocabulary, like phrasal verbs, idioms, and common expressions
  • Build reading comprehension and vocabulary through readings matched to your level and interest. 
  • Build useful writing skills, such as email writing

Frequently asked questions

I have 8.5 years of teaching experience and I am a teacher at one of the largest English schools in North America. I have provided English instruction to students from more than 40 countries and I have taught students from ages 3 to 65.

I have also taught a variety of subjects, with the most being English skills. I have taught beginner to advanced students in programs like General English, Academic English, Test Preparation and Humanities.

  • Simon Fraser University (SFU) – Bachelor of Arts 
  • SFU – Bachelor of Education 
  • SFU – PDP BC Teacher’s Certificate
  • Vancouver Community College – TESOL Certificate
  • SFU – Liberal Arts Certificate

Professional Career Development:

  • Cambridge English Language Assessment – Teacher Training Certificate for B2/C1 Cambridge Tests
  • British Council – IELTS Teacher Training Certificate

I charge $35US / hour.

Lesson times are from 1 to 2 hours, depending on the class and student goals.

When you pay for your tutoring time, there is a space ‘Order notes’ for you to write exactly what you want to learn. Write what you want to start with and then we can discuss things as we study together.

You can also send me a message and join my email list above for better communication.

Classes may be one-to-one or up to 4 students. The benefit of one-to-one is that you will have more individual attention.

If you wish to have others join you for the class, you are encouraged to find your own partners as ‘classmates’ will need to be available at the same time.

In addition to this website, a variety of other platforms will be used:

  • For ‘live’ instruction (tutorials), Zoom will be used.
  • For ‘non-live’ or asynchronous instruction, a combination of email, Google Docs, and Google Classroom will be used.

*You do not need a Zoom account, but having a Google account is helpful.

Ideally, you should have a laptop or desktop computer with a microphone and camera.

A mobile phone will work, but it may be harder to complete assignments. 

To maximize your learning, yes, there will be homework!

*Homework will be marked outside of ‘live’ class time and feedback given.

Yes, you can cancel with 24 hours notice, but after that, unfortunately, you will not get a refund.

Please feel free to communicate with me if you wish to adjust the lessons. I will try to accommodate any additional needs or address any concerns you may have.

For any other complaints, please refer to the site administrator:   admin @

My Students Say

"Amanda is a very good teacher because she's always very motivated and always brings happiness to the classroom. Also, in situations when everyone was tired, she stayed focused, and she sometimes gave us candy."
Justus Popoff,
“아만다는 내가 이때까지 수업받았던 선생님들 중 가장 좋았던 선생님 중에 한 명이다. 일단 영어 실력은 설명할 필요 없이뛰어나고 그녀의 수업은 너무 재밌고 수업 분위기가 밝다. 아만다랑 수업할 때면 웃음이 끊기질 않는다 그리고 아만다는선생을 떠나서 사람이 너무 좋다 그녀의 생각은 깊고 지혜롭다 내가 힘든 일이 생기거나 슬플 때 도움을 주셨다 그리고 그로 인해 영어만이 아닌 인간관계 등 다른 것들도 많이 배웠다 캐나다를 떠나기 전에 아만다를 만나서 너무 좋았다 그녀랑수업하면 절대 후회 없는 좋은 수업이 될 것이다 “
Sandy (Ji An Yu)
South Korea
“Originaire de Suisse à Genève, j'ai été étudiant cher Ilsc Vancouver pendant 3 mois avec Amanda. Amanda est une professeur formidable, organisé et toujours oiverte d'esprit! Elle arrive à se mettre à la place des étudiants pour comprendre et corriger leurs problèmes  Bien qu'être professeur avec des étudiants étrangers doit être compliqué, j'ai éte émérveillé par sa gentillesse et lui souhaite le meilleur pour la suite.”
Dydy Weber
معلم فوق العاده ، کلاس جذاب ، روش تدریس عالی.  من قطعاً آماندا رو به هرکسی که به دنبال پیشرفت در" "زبان انگلیسی و اعتماد به نفس هست  توصیه می کنم.
Sanaz Ravisini
“Amanda was one of the best teachers I had when I studied English.  With her charisma and charm she manages to capture the attention of her students, generating a connection that is sometimes difficult to keep due to language barriers.  Without a doubt I learned a lot from her and I have beautiful memories.  I will always remember the games and the good vibes that she generated with all her students.”
Jhonatan Araneda
“Hallo liebe Schülerinnen und Schüler rund um die Welt!    Amanda ist eine ausgezeichnete Lehrperson und kann mit ihrem vorzüglichen Fachwissen, ihrer Offenheit und ihrem Humor ihre Studentinnen und Studenten gezielt zum Lernen anregen.  Dank ihrer Professionalität kann sie auftauchende Probleme der Studentinnen und Studenten differenziert wahrnehmen und eine individuelle Lösungsmöglichkeit ausarbeiten. Mir hat der Unterricht bei Amanda immer sehr gefallen und ich konnte extrem viele neue Sachen lernen. Das offene Lernklima während des Unterrichts hat mir geholfen und wir hatten mit Amanda immer eine gute und lehrreiche Zeit! 10/10”
Jonas Teuscher
“Sem dúvida alguma, a Professora Amanda foi a melhor. Tive a oportunidade de estar na classe dela desde o verão até o inverno. Professora de uma animação impar, muitas formas diferentes de ensinar a matéria, por muitas vezes me ajuda após o horário da aula em alguma dúvida. Uma pessoa atenciosa e apaixonada por sua profissão. Com toda certeza eu recomendaria a teacher Amanda.”
Samuel Marcello
Saori Izawa

“Amanda hat beeindruckendes Wissen von dem, was Sie unterrichtet. Sie ist liebevoll, motivierend und konzentriert sich auf Jeden Einzelnen. Genau der Typ Lehrer den man sich wünscht.”
Laurens Schuster
Yuko Inari
"Um dos pontos positivos das aulas da Amanda é que ela consegue contextualizar o conteúdo muito bem, e isso é um dos fatores mais importantes para entender o conteúdo, que ele seja apresentado de uma forma informativa e interessante."
Thiago Machado
“Es una maestra de inglés fenomenal, tiene las mejores habilidades para explicar temas, también es maestra en el examen de Cambridge.”
Tomás Sanpedro
“很高興在加拿大就讀了 Amanda 老師的英語課程,老師會依據學生不同的程度提供不同的教學方式,更能在學生面對不懂的但單字、片語時以生活化的方式做講解讓學英語變得更加容易.”
Claire Chen
“Amanda’dan ders aldığım için çok şanslıyım çünkü o her zaman pozitif enerjisi ve gülümseyen yüzü ile en sıkıcı dersleri bile zevkli hale getirdi. Ondan çok şey öğrendim ve kesinlikle siz de hem eğlenecek hem de ingilizceyi kolayca öğreneceksiniz.”
Sule Dikyar
“ได้เรียนกับ Amanda เหมือนกันปลดล็อคทุกคำถามในการเรียนภาษาอังกฤษ โชคดีมากๆเลยค่ะที่ได้มาแมชคลาสกับ Amanda เพราะการเรียนภาษาอังกฤษจะไม่น่าเบื่ออีกต่อ บวกกับวิธีการเอนเตอเทนพร้อมกับความรู้ในคลาสที่ไม่เหมือนใคร บอกได้เลยว่า ไม่มีการนั่งหลับ นั่งเล่นมือถือแก้เบื่อแน่นอน.... "
Murata Paan
“During the three months of my FCE course,Amanda not only taught me a great deal of English skills but also brought a lot of fun to the classroom and made me realize that only enjoying what you are learning, can make it easier.  To be honest, she was the best teacher at the school. I really appreciated that she gave me confidence to learn English.”
Andy (Yueha Ma)
“私はアマンダのクラスを語学学校で何回も受けましたが、彼女はいつも優しく丁寧で、熱心に教えてくれるので、私含めクラスメイトもアマンダが大好きです。 私が理解できなくてなかなか出来ないときも、時間を作ってくれて個人的に親身になって教えてくれたり、学校とは別に苦手分野を勉強できるようにと課題もくれました。 アマンダのような先生に出会えて英語が楽しいと思えるようになり、留学先でこんないい先生に出会うことが出来たことは私の人生の宝物です。 アマンダが私の先生で良かったと心から思います!"
Eri Takagi
“안녕하세요, 제가 소개해드릴 아만다 선생님은 오랜기간의 각종 자격증시험 티칭경험으로 체계적인 수업을 제공해주신 분입니다. 제가 밴쿠버의 어학당에서 공부했던 시간의 거진 반을 아만다 선생님이랑 보냈을때 확신한건, 이분은 사람에대한 책임감이 정말 강하신 분이구나라는걸 느꼈습니다. 제가 가끔씩 방과후에도 한시간씩 남아서 궁금한 것도 물어보고, 이런 저런 고민들도 얘기하고, 항상 그때마다 이분은 제가 겪는 어려움을 인지하고 잘 챙겨주셨어요. 아직도 영어를 오래 공부했는데 내가하는 영어가 의사소통이 가능한 영어일까 하시는 분들에게 아만다 선생님의 수업을 더더욱 추천합니다. 보통 영어 공부 하실때 단어외우고, 지문읽고, 문법 체크하고, cd 녹음은 듣지만, 가장 중요한 순간에 제대로 표현을 못하잖아요. 이분 수업에선 자유롭게 배운것들에 대한 수다도 떨고, 피드백도 받을 수 있으니, 확실히 그 뒤엔 망설이고 걱정하는게 덜해졌어요. 대한민국식 책만 보는 교육말고, 자유롭게 표현해보고, 실전에서 활용하는 영어하고 싶은 사람들 아만다 선생님한테 오세요.”
Sun Seo
South Korea