Cannabis English: Effects, Content and Use

ESL Levels:  Low Intermediate to Advanced


Any Low-Intermediate to Advanced English learner who wants to:

  • learn about cannabis from a trusted source
  • practice and review with English a little every day
  • improve their listening, reading, vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar skills
  • First, you learn and apply Word Parts (prefixes, root words, suffixes) along with short vowel practice.
  • You learn why cannabis affects us and its main ingredients – THC, CBD and terpenes through listening and reading content from the Ontario Government of Canada.
  • Finally, you learn the different ways cannabis is consumed and practice First Conditional grammar with audio recorded conversations.
In this Interactive Textbook, you get two areas of learning and practice. The first will clarify quality paragraphs and the language skills needed for success. This is followed by expanding into writing a clear essay that is focused on coherent organization and effective development. This is done by sharpening specific grammar and vocabulary important to any written communication.

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Interactive Textbook Includes

  • 27 Units