zDiscover Your Writing Process – 2

Use the needed steps of good writing to clarify your style.


  • Any Upper-Intermediate to advanced English learner who wants to understand their writing process to better produce more advanced communications, like research essays or business reports.
  • Any English learner who is attending – or planning to attend – a college or university, or who wants better grades in high school.
  • Anyone taking a language test, like the SATs, IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge, etc.
  • Any professional looking to improve their written communication skills.
  • You will learn how you best work within the needed steps of the writing process.
  • First, you learn the structure, language and concepts to get the best start on any writing project by refining topics with questions until you can produce a single sentence that contains your main points and organization.
  • Next, you learn how to structure paragraphs and develop support while remaining flexible to changes in structure and content.
  • Finally, you learn how to revise and edit your work before the final step of applying format rules.

The writing process process is like cooking with a recipe. There are steps you must follow, but there is also a lot individuality in how you go through those steps. In this Interactive Workbook, you will become more confident in your method of applying the writing process so you can intake large amounts of information and communicate content in an organized, focused style. You will review and deepen your knowledge of grammar, vocabulary and text structure, which will improve all of your personal and professional communications.

Interactive Textbook Content

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I. Pre-Thesis: Planning & Background Research
II. Working Thesis: Structure, Organization & Flow
III. Post-Thesis: Detail & Package
IV. Assessment
V. Review & Conclude
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Interactive Textbook Includes

  • 9 Units
  • 6 Quizzes