Paragraph to Essay

Better use the basics of writing in any communication.


  • Any Intermediate to Advanced English learner who wants to improve their writing skills.
  • Any English learner who is attending – or planning to attend – a college or university, or wants better grades in high school.
  • Anyone taking a language test, like the SATs, IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge, etc.
  • In the first half, you will learn and practice with paragraph structure and the language skills needed to write quality paragraphs, anytime.
  • In the second half, you will see how paragraph structure and skills apply in longer writing, in this case, an essay. You learn to understand and control coherent organization with clear, useful development.
  • You will focus on word forms, and perfect tenses with time adverbs as you learn and move through the writing process.
In this Interactive Textbook, you get two areas of learning and practice. The first will clarify quality paragraphs and the language skills needed for success. This is followed by expanding into writing a clear essay that is focused on coherent organization and effective development. This is done by sharpening specific grammar and vocabulary important to any written communication.
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Interactive Textbook Includes

  • 10 Units
  • 5 Quizzes