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I am a native of Vancouver, BC in Canada. I graduated with a degree (B.A.) in Psychology. I’ve enjoyed teaching at four ESL schools over the last 14 years. 

In my classes, we take a multi-skill approach and study – vocabulary, reading, writing, speaking, listening and pronunciation – all together. 

I also have experience in business and teaching business communication. I specialize in improving pronunciation and natural-sounding English. 

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Know My Teaching Better


  • Use articles to practice reading and improve speaking fluency
  • Learn to use grammar in speaking and writing
  • Expand and use new vocabulary in speaking and writing


  • Listen to a variety of media and discuss them to improve listening skills
  • Discuss various topics and learn how to give opinions
  • Challenge yourself to speak faster and improve fluency


  • Learn a wide variety of academic or conversational vocabulary and practice
  • Understand when to use idioms, phrasal verbs and slang
  • Learn grammar rules to improve your use of vocabulary


  • Choose the focus of the class based on your needs
  • Understand and see your progress on a regular basis
  • Review with teacher-made materials designed just for you

Frequently asked questions

  • B.A. Psychology
  • CELTA Teaching Certificate

I charge $US35/hour.

You can book in 30-minute blocks so the shortest class will be 30 minutes. However, you can book as much time as you need.

When you pay for your tutoring time, there is a form field titled: Order notes. You will write what you want there.

Contact me through my email list if you want, as well.

I only give homework if you request it.

Yes, but you must give 8 hours notice.

If you have a problem with my teaching you can email: admin @ anywhereesl.com

Yes, I allow up to 3 students per class. You are responsible for arranging the group.