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I’ve been teaching English for more than 13 years. I have experience teaching English in a classroom and also online classes. My students have come from many countries all over the world.

In my classes, we focus on learning new words, phrases and grammar, and using them in a natural way. You can’t just memorize vocabulary and grammar points. You need to use them and communicate in different ways.

Please look at my course page or join my mailing list, and let’s talk about how you can improve your English skill!

Know My Teaching Better


  • Understand the meaning of different grammar structures
  • Review basic grammar and learn more advanced grammar
  • Practice in natural situations and use complicated sentence structures


  • Discuss many topics with different communication strategies (telling stories, asking questions, describing, etc.)
  • Learn natural phrases and expressions; also learn about English culture
  • Focus on listening and speaking fluency; speaking with good speed and pronunciation


  • Learn new words, academic and colloquial 
  • Focus on phrasal verbs and idioms; understanding movies and TV shows
  • Use new words and phrases naturally, both in speaking and writing


  • Co-create a plan based on your goals, strengths, weaknesses, etc.
  • Not only memorize vocabulary and expressions, but use them well
  • Have lessons that are productive and helpful, while at the same time, entertaining and fun

Frequently asked questions

  • Bachelor of Media Design, University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, NB
  • TESOL Diploma, Greystone College, Vancouver, BC

I charge $US35/hour.

Each lesson is one hour.

When you pay for your tutoring time, there is a form field titled: ‘Additional Information – Order notes’.
You will write which class you are interested in.

You can also send me a message and join my email list above for better communication.

Yes, we will make a study plan for you, and you will have exercises to do before class.

Yes, but please tell me at least 12 hours before the class.

If you have a problem with my teaching you can email: admin @ anywhereesl.com