IELTS Academic Writing

What is it?

  • Under real test time limits you will do the Writing Tasks of your choice.
  • When the time limit is up your writing is automatically sent to an Assessor and you receive a notification email.
  • Within 48 hours (but perhaps later on their weekend) your Assessor will send you an email with two links:

    i) a Google Doc with your edited writing and the Top Three Teaching Table, and

    ii) a Youtube video link of a screen capture video explaining the edits with the Assessor’s teaching and advice.

IELTS Academic Writing


Per Package

  • 3x – Task 1 Questions -or-
  • 3x – Task 2 Questions -or-
  • 3x – Tasks 1&2 Questions
  • Writing is timed and automatically sent for feedback
  • Do each package at your own pace
  • Review feedback as much as you want
  • Written corrections with video explanation

  • Ask follow-up questions with Videomail

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