IELTS: Examiner-Level Feedback

Know Your Level.
Know What To Study.
Know When To Take The Test.

IELTS Speaking:
Live Online

  1. Choose and book a date & time with an Assessor. (US$35.00/test)
  2. After purchase, you will receive a confirmation email with a link and password to your booking management home. You can log in with your AnywhereESl credentials to control all aspects of your booking from a simple panel.
  3. At the time you chose, log into your Customer Booking Panel, and click the ‘Join Meeting’ button. You can also join the meeting by clicking the link in your confirmation email.
  4. After establishing a clear connection, the Assessor will immediately lead you through a mock IELTS Speaking Test – which will take 12 to 14 minutes.
  5. After the test is over, the Assessor will:
  • use the IELTS Public Band Descriptors to show you your level
  • give clear advice for vocabulary, grammar  and pronunciation
  • answer any questions you have

Record the Advice: The feedback part of the online interview can be recorded for you to review as much as you want, and the Assessor will share the notes they made during the session. and can 

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