FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Our payment system – just like the rest of our site –  is safe and secure. Our only goal is to help you succeed at English. You win – we win.


IELTS Examiners cannot tell you they are Examiners so please don’t ask. All we can say is your scores are accurate, and the advice they give will be exactly what you need.



Yes! Our site only shows US dollars because it is the industry standard. However, you can pay with your own currency and our system will make the change to US dollars.

We use unique and innovative technology to simulate and create environments of English production.

Without the same pressure of time limits as real standardized tests communication skills are not properly revealed.


For Speaking Assessments, we use interactive video learning to let you respond to standardized tests, like a normal IELTS Speaking interview. Your answers are captured in our secure video Recorder system.

Our IELTS Experts then review your speaking and give you an accurate Band Score, plus advice on how to improve in each section – Fluency, Lexical Resource, Grammatical Range & Accuracy and Pronunciation.

For Writing Assessments, you go through Task 1 and 2 questions, BUT they are timed – 1 hour for both.

Your work will be automatically submitted when the time is up.

Your writing is then sent to our IELTS Experts who will give you an accurate Band Score, as well as specific advice on how to improve in each section – Task Achievement/Response, Coherence and Cohesion, Lexical Resource and Grammatical Range & Accuracy.

Our services are clearly organized and simple to navigate. Where and how to submit your work is clearly marked, BUT our tests are timed so once that time is up your work will be automatically submitted – just like a real test.

In Speaking Tests, there is a time limit on the video and Recorder but not the test. You need to click the stop button on the recorder to get the ‘Submit Video’ button.

After you click the ‘Submit Video’ button you need to wait for a confirmation message at the top of the screen. Your work will not be saved if you move away from the page before you see that message.

To end the service, click the ‘Mark Complete’ button.


You will receive an immediate Band Score for your Listening and Speaking when you finish those sections. For your Writing and Speaking, an email will be sent with the Band Score and Expert advice attached. (Group Leaders can access, download and print all of the details for each section.)

You should receive a response within 3 business days. The IELTS Experts may not be working on the weekend so please consider that when making a schedule.

If you do not receive results, please email: admin@anywhereesl.com

Yes! we look to serve large groups, like schools or other organizations, and have a simple but powerful system for Group Leaders to oversee progress and outcomes, as well as accessing bulk discounts.

If you are an individual and would like to purchase a large number of services then please email: admin@anywhereesl.com and we can discuss your situation.

Sorry, we do not provide refunds. If you are unhappy with any aspect of the service please contact us at: admin@anywhereesl.com and explain the exact issue you have. We may offer a re-evaluation from a different Expert but that is completely at our discretion.

No! You can do any of them when you would like. However, please remember that they are timed so once you start a single test you cannot stop. All we care about is when the work is submitted.


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