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IELTS Timed Writing:
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Our Assessors are at least former-Examiners with over 15 years teaching experience each. 

This means you will know the exact English skills to practice and develop to be at the IELTS Band Score you need.

Problems following time limits cause lower scores for more students than poor English. That is why all of our writing assessments follow the IELTS test time limits exactly. It is the only way to know your actual ability.

*You must practice with IELTS time limits as you get closer to your test date or you are likely to get a lower Band Score than your  real English level.

On your own schedule, access your test on the Interactive Workbook page in your AnywhereESL profile, or from the dropdown menu at the top of the page.

Clear enough time on your schedule to focus on the writing. The time limits are as follows:

  • Task 1 – 20 minutes
  • Task 2 – 40 minutes
  • Task 1&2 – 1 hour

IMPORTANT: Once you start, you cannot stop because it is timed. At the end of the time limit your answers are automatically sent to our Assessors.

Within 48 hours – though we try to be faster – you will get your links to the document and video.

Our Anywhere Writing Feedback system ends by sending you:

  •  a link to a Google Doc that shows the changes the Assessor made.
  •  a private Youtube link with a screen capture video of the Assessor clearly explaining the changes made and how you can improve.

You can review the video as many times as you want as you look at the edits made in the document. You can also use Youtube’s subtitles to help your understanding.

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