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Polly Szeto

Teacher & Assessor

Polly started teaching by spending two years in Japan. She returned to Vancouver, Canada and continued as a TESLCanada certified Teacher Trainer and University Pathway Instructor at one of the largest ESL schools in Canada.

With over 20 years of experience in language tests and University Preparation, Polly is accurate with her assessments and advice.

Alicia Keyer

Teacher & ASSESSOR

Alicia is a natural-born teacher who excels at writing. She has taught for over 10 years in the Academic Preparation program at one of Canada’s largest ESL schools in Vancouver, BC.

As a TESLCanada certified teacher, she has helped students at all levels and understands how to assess and explain the needed skills and knowledge for writing success. 

Chris Ryan

Teacher & ASSESSOR

Chris is TESLCanada certified with over twenty years as a teacher. He began his career in Japan and South Korea before moving to Vancouver, BC where he focused on speaking and listening.

For the last 10 years he changed his focus to a University Preparation program at one of Canada’s largest ESL schools. He was also an IELTS Examiner so he knows how tests relate to real English.