Interactive Textbooks w/ Teacher Support

Proven Academic Writing Programs

Textbook + Workbook

Experienced Teaching (Recorded Video)

Interactive Practice & Timed Assignments

Video Feedback (Live Teacher)

Ask Questions Any Time w/ Videomail

What is an Interactive Textbook with Teacher Support?

Classroom-Tested & Two Teachers
1) These services were developed over ten years in a University Pathway Program at the largest language school in Canada. The recorded teacher guides students through a dynamic learning system effectively organizing study and practice for essential academic skills.
2) A different – live teacher – marks and assesses the work done in the programs. They provide video teaching with clear, personalized feedback. A student can review advice as much as they want and there are subtitles. 

Our live teachers will also answer student questions – as they study – using Videomail.

This mix of captured experience and live assessment means students get effective learning at a pace they choose.

What Feedback Do I Get?

Within 24-48 hours learners receive:

  • a Google Doc link to see the edits and written comments
  • a Youtube link for a screen capture video that explains the edits and comments

Again, students can use Videomail to ask questions about teacher feedback or the content of lessons.

We do not just provide an online course, but an interactive learning system based on proven methodology and student success.

Textbook + Workbook + Teacher + Technology =
Effective Modern Learning

Interactive Textbooks with Teacher Support:

Academic Skills: Reading, Summarizing & Paraphrasing

Play Video

Paragraph to Essay

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Discover Your Writing Process

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Our Writing Feedback System

1) Immediately after your writing is submitted, you will receive an email with the question and your original answer.

2) Within 24-48 hours you will get an email with two links:

  • a Google Doc with the edited text and any written comments
  • a Youtube link with a video which explains all of the corrections and comments your teacher made

3) Use Videomail to ask questions as you study.

Highly Educated & Deeply Experienced

Our Teachers

Polly Szeto

Teacher / Teacher Trainer
With over 23 years experience teaching English to children, teens, adults, and professionals, I am excited to work with you to reach your language goals.   I know how hard it is to communicate in writing - in a different language - at a high level. I also know how you can succeed.

Alicia Keyer

Teacher / Teacher Trainer
After having 25 years of teaching ESL experience, Alicia has joined our team and is excited to meet more dedicated students like yourself. She is currently in the West Coast of Canada and when she’s not online, she’s teaching piano, crafting, or taking in the beauty of her city.

More Teachers Coming Soon!

More Teachers Coming Soon!