Interactive Textbooks w/ Teacher Support

Effective Learning Connections

What is an Interactive Textbook with Teacher Support?

Textbook +

Experienced Teaching (Recorded Video)

Interactive Practice & Timed Assignments

Video Feedback (Live Teacher)

Ask Questions Any Time w/ Videomail

These Interactive Textbooks give students the experience of two teachers:

1) The recorded teacher that guides learners through a dynamic learning system effectively organizing study and practice for essential academic skills. (Developed over 10 years in a Canadian University Pathway program.)

2) A different – live – teacher that provides video teaching with clear, personalized feedback. You can review it as much as you want, and there are subtitles. 

Our live teachers will also answer your questions – as you study – using Videomail.

This mix of captured experience and live assessment means students get effective learning at a pace they choose. 

What Feedback Do I Get?

Within 24-48 hours you receive a Google Doc link to see the edits and written comments, along with a Youtube link for a screen capture video that explains the edits and comments.

Again, you can use Videomail to ask questions about your feedback, or the content of your lessons.

We do not just provide an online course, but an interactive learning system based on proven methodology.

Textbook + Workbook + Teacher + Technology =
Effective Modern Learning

Our Writing Feedback System

1) Immediately after your writing is submitted, you will receive an email with the question and your original answer.

2) Within 24-48 hours you will get an email with two links:

  • a Google Doc with the edited text and any written comments
  • a Youtube link with a video which explains all of the corrections and comments your teacher made

3) Use Videomail to ask questions as you study.

Our Teachers

polly pic crpd

Polly Szeto

Teacher / Teacher trainer

With over 23 years experience teaching English to children, teens, adults, and professionals, I am excited to work with you to reach your language goals.  I know how hard it is to communicate in writing – in a different language – at a high level. I also know how you can succeed.

Personal Biography

Born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, I moved to Vancouver, BC with my family as a pre-schooler.  After graduating from university, I had the opportunity to work at a non-profit with immigrants. That inspired me to teach English in Japan, where I lived and worked for three years.  I have many years experience as a Teacher Trainer, and for the last six years, my focus has been University Preparation.  

I love to travel. I have visited eleven countries and wish to visit more in the future.  I have a young adult son, and two pets – a cat and a dog. 

Learn with me

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Academic Skills

Paragraph To Essay

Discover Your Writing Process

Alicia Keyer

Teacher / Teacher trainer

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Personal Biography

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Learn with me

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Academic Skills

Paragraph To Essay

Discover Your Writing Process

More Teachers Coming Soon!

We open our innovative teaching and learning system to more teachers as quality demands.