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We Partner with Schools, Programs and Individuals

1. Group Purchase & Control

Our first partnership system applies to all of our products and services. It is for buyers who want control over the distribution, communication and reporting of our content.  This is perfect for schools of all sizes, business training programs, tutoring services and immigration consultants.

Each bulk purchase creates its own Group, which can have one or more Group Leaders that you assign. They have complete control over content delivery and student learning. 

From a clear and useful dashboard, Group Leaders can add and delete learners within the limits of that purchase. They can also easily track student progress and scoring with all of the data easy to export and share.

Learners can be added manually, by .csv upload, or by emailed keys, which are uniquely generated codes that provide access. When students receive an email link, they are taken to a registration/login page that can be branded with your logo and show the contact information for your project leader, school or company.

After login, learners are taken to their Profile where they will find the products or services purchased. These will be listed under the Interactive Textbooks tab.

2. Anywhere Affiliate Program

Do you know anyone in your network that needs to:

  • improve their foundational English skills
  • strengthen their English vocabulary
  • practice English every day, or every few days
  • access interactive learning on any device

Become an Anywhere Affiliate and help your associates learn while you earn. 

What Can We Partner on?

A. IELTS Interactive Textbooks

These are timed IELTS skills practice systems for teaching and self-training. There are four Interactive books to choose from:

  1. IELTS Interactive: Listening
  2. IELTS Interactive: Academic Reading
  3. IELTS Interactive: General Reading
  4. IELTS Interactive: Speaking

B. IELTS Interactive Textbooks with NO Teacher Support

These are effective study systems for self-directed learning and practice, or as the foundation of a class or program.

  1. Better English Using IELTS: Beginner to Intermediate
  2. Organize & Expand your Vocabulary
  3. Cannabis English
How it Works:

If you’re application is approved, you will have your own login portal and dashboard to control your affiliate interactions. Payouts occur once a month to a Paypal account.

If you are interested, please apply using the form below. We will contact you within 24-48 hours.

NOTE:  Any product or service with a live teacher (Response Tutoring, Interactive Textbooks with Teacher Support) is not currently included in the Anywhere Affiliate Program.

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