Better English Using IELTS – A Complete 1-Month Intensive Course

$24.99 US Dollars

  1. Get interactive video teaching to guide you through the most important grammar, vocabulary and speaking skills to be a successful English communicator.
  2. The course is built on the skills and level that are tested in Parts 1&2 of the IELTS Speaking Test.
  3. Part 1 tests the ability of the speaker to talk about their personal life and opinions on general topics, like Home, School, Travel, etc. These are the exact skills any ‘Intermediate’ student needs to be good at to get high scores.
  4. Part 2 gives the speaker a topic to talk about for 2 minutes with 1 minute to plan the answer.

This helps you:

  • discuss a more specific experience or opinion for a longer time.
  • organize content to allow more variety in your grammar and vocabulary.
  • build mental and physical strength to think and speak longer in English.