Consider Formal Vocabulary

$14.99 US Dollars


5 online workbooks with 30 Units of video teaching, video practice and interactive exercises.


Workbook 1 (6 units):  Video teaching with practice exercises so you can start using 5 general vocabulary concepts to organize and expand your skills.

Workbooks 2-5 (24 units):  Video practice that repeats the structure, ideas and practice from Workbook 1 + listen and repeat practice for speaking & pronunciation + timed word form guessing.


About 4 hours of video with subtitles and 10-15 hours of practice, depending on skill level. HOWEVER, the word form and mouth muscle training exercises should be repeated many times to improve speed.


Workbook 1:  1-2 hours BUT one to two units per study period is recommended.

Workbook 2-5:  2-3 hours but one to two units per Workbook per day is recommended.