Paragraph to Essay with Teacher Support

$39.99 US Dollars

Who?  This is for any Intermediate to Advanced English learner who wants to write better paragraphs and multi-paragraph works, like essays and reports.

How Long?  This program should take about 1-month, but can be done within 2 weeks with dedicated study and practice.

What Do I Learn?  First, you clarify the physical and conceptual parts of a paragraph with a focus on text structure and transitions. Next, you clarify the physical and conceptual parts of an essay with a focus on logical organization and clear development, while improving needed grammar and vocabulary. You also get a 2nd teacher’s experience, feedback and evaluation as they mark your exercises and assessments. (Feedback received within 24-48 hours.)

How Do I Ask Questions?  You can use the Videomail system to ask your teacher any questions as you go through the teaching, learning, practice and assessments.

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