Responsive Writing

A series of writing feedback for personal improvement

Choose the focus you need.

Produce English to the best of your ability.

Get general corrections & 3-part teaching.

Apply the feedback in your next task for further assessment.

Build from the skills you already have.

Improve your English - not just a number

What do we mean when we say our teachers are experienced? It means that they know how to identify your specific problems with English – at the level you want – and can tell you what to learn and practice. It does not matter what the scoring system is – IELTS or CELPIP. They both measure the same thing they just use different numbers and letters to represent it.

Yes, the format and timing of the test are important and that is why we have created timed packages that mimic the actual tests. Our timed writing tasks force you to begin with the English you know – in a format you need. Then, our experienced teachers focus on improving your English language skills – not just the numbers – so you can succeed on any test and whatever comes next.

Learners can ask questions at any time using the Videomail system.

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*Our goal is to return writing within 24-48 hours.

Built from a proven educational process

Our feedback system is based on the proven formative assessment process followed in classrooms. Research shows students improve faster when they take time to reflect on feedback and then apply it in similarly structured exercises. This builds confidence and improves skill levels.

Each of these assessment also follows a simple but powerful process of three parts. First, all the edits are described, and then the two most important language points to improve overall writing are identified with specific teaching and practice.

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