Response Tutoring

Start With The English You Know

Choose a subject you want.

Produce English in writing and/or speaking

Get general corrections & Top 3 Teaching

Apply in your next task for more feedback.

Stengthen & Improve

What is Response Tutoring?

The Four Foundations of Response Tutoring

1. If students have a clear need to produce English, like a test, interview or daily work, then we start with that need to assess and grow ability. Our timed production tasks force users to begin with the English they know – in a form they need.

2. We focus on language rules and production practice to reduce the number of overall mistakes made, at one time. As such, our teachers give general corrections, but then teach the Top 3 errors. When you fix an error, you fix many mistakes.

3. Students need repetition to build confidence and ability. That is why our programs are at least three tasks. Learners need to apply feedback in a series of similar activities to confirm improvement.

4. There are global English levels (Beginner, Intermediate, etc.), but there are many differences in student ability within those levels. Some students are strong in grammar but weak in speaking; or strong at speaking but weak at writing. By starting with a response, our deeply experienced teachers can accurately assess a learner’s unique level and begin the improvement from where they need it most. 

Response Tutoring’s personalized approach avoids wasted time on skills and content that is likely unneeded.


Choice + Production + Top 3 Teaching + Apply and Repeat = Improvement in Skill & Confidence

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Our Writing Feedback System

1) Immediately after your writing is submitted, you will receive an email with the question and your original answer.

2) Within 24-48 hours you will get an email with two links:

  • a Google Doc with the edited text and any written comments
  • a Youtube link with a video which explains all of the corrections and comments your teacher made

3) Use Videomail to ask questions as you go.

Highly Educated & Deeply Experienced

Our Teachers

Polly Szeto

Teacher / Teacher Trainer
With over 23 years experience teaching English to children, teens, adults, and professionals, I am excited to work with you to reach your language goals.   I know how hard it is to communicate in writing - in a different language - at a high level. I also know how you can succeed.

Alicia Keyer

Teacher / Teacher Trainer
After having 25 years of teaching ESL experience, Alicia has joined our team and is excited to meet more dedicated students like yourself. She is currently in the West Coast of Canada and when she’s not online, she’s teaching piano, crafting, or taking in the beauty of her city.

More Teachers Coming Soon!

More Teachers Coming Soon!