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For me, teaching English is a passion.  For 10 years, I have worked with almost 2000 language students from over 50 different countries. They were Beginners to Advanced students. I currently teach at ILSC, one of the largest language schools in North America. 

I think ESL is not just memorizing rules and words. For truly effective learning, students need to enjoy the process, feel it is personal, and have clear goals.  To do this, I use a socio-cultural and communicative approach, which puts the student at the centre of learning. 

My students have had great success with me, and I know you will, too.

Know My Teaching Better


  • Learn test strategies for Band Score 7 or higher for all 4 sections
  • Not only learn, but master vocabulary from the Academic Word List (AWL)
  • Receive immediate feedback in speaking and guidance on how to increase your score


  • Develop strategies to quickly increase scores in both the reading and listening sections
  • Not only learn, but master key TOEIC vocabulary and key collocations
  • Understand common mistakes and how they can be avoided


  • Gain confidence in discussing a variety of topics with specific pronunciation practice for your problems.
  • Learn effective vocabulary, expressions, and collocations for different situations
  • Develop grammar knowledge in a personal way, not just using traditional worksheets.


  • Co-develop a plan, based on your goals, strengths, weaknesses, etc. and use those to build your lessons
  • Not only memorize vocabulary and expressions, but ensure that they can be used in authentic settings
  • Receive honest feedback and create strategies and approaches to help you reach your goal

Frequently asked questions

  • Masters in TEAL (Teaching English as an Additional Language), Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, BC
  • TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) Diploma, Vancouver Community College, Vancouver, BC
  • Bachelor of Arts (Political Science), Simon Fraser University, Vancouver BC
  • TESL Canada Certified

I charge $US35/hour

Each lesson is one hour

When you pay for your tutoring time, there is a form field titled: Order notes. You will write which class you are interested in.

You can also send me a message and join my email list above for better communication.

All Test Prep classes (IELTS, TOIEC) will have a homework option.

I will send out class materials before our classes. If you want you review and print them before we begin

Yes, but you must give 24 hours notice or you will not get a refund.

If you have a problem with my teaching you can email: admin @

Yes, I allow up to 3 students per class. You are responsible for arranging the group. I will teach whomever is available at our scheduled time.

My Students Say

"항상 좀 더 집중해야 할 부분을 잘 알려주시고 이해하기 쉽게 알려주세요. 직접 만든 다양한 학습지들과 같이 공부해서 영어를 재미있고 쉽게 접근할 수 있도록 도와주세요. 그래머에서 내 약점들을 강점들로 바꿔주세요."
Ha Eun
South Korea
"With Tristan, I learned English in a more effective way that in the past. He helped me to focus less on memorizing and instead focus more on using the language to describe my life and world. I improved much faster than I thought I could."
"Sein Unterricht war lustig und zu gleich Hilfreich. Bei Tristan habe ich die Englisch Grammatik erst richtig verstanden."
"Tristan’s class was one of the most impressive English classes. It was fun and interesting. He is such a helpful teacher and he understands his students’ problems. He really helped me truly understand English grammar."
"Tristan Kanada’da gittiğim dil okulunda IELTS hocamdı. Bana İngilizce grammar konusunda gerçekten çok yardımcı oldu. Dersleri hem çok öğretici hem de süper eğlenceli. Derslerinde kullandığı metaryeller ise gerçekten çok faydalı ve çoğunu hala saklıyorum. Soru sormaktan asla çekinmeyin, kendisi defalarca en detaylı şekilde tekrarlayabilecek kadar sabırlı. Her şey için teşekkürler Tristan!"
"تريستان درسني لمدة شهرين وكان ممتع ويستخدم طرق تدريس تسمح للطالب بالاستمتاع. شجعني للأمانة كثير لكسر حاجز الخوف من ممارسة اللغة الأنجليزية."
Saudi Arabia
"I owe a lot to your human and professional quality !!! I learned English in record time and it was thanks to your way of teaching! you are an innate teacher!"